How To Make Payment

How To Make Payment (For Malaysian)

1) For Customer with Online Maybank Account Via Maybank2u (Online transfer using Maybank2u)

How to Use Maybank2u Pay?

Once you have successfully place your order and get your order ID, please do the following steps:




Do’s and Don’ts When Using Maybank2u Pay


2) Via online banking Maybank2u or CIMBClicks:


3) Via ATM transfer or Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) Maybank or CIMB Bank:


4) Via cash deposit at bank counter in Maybank or CIMB Bank:


How To Make Payment via PayPal (for customers outside Malaysia only)

Payment can be made through PayPal. Paying through Paypal is easy. If you have a VISA or MASTERCARD, you can pay us directly through our online verification.

Step-by-Step Guide To Using Paypal:

You will be required to register as a user with Paypal to begin transactions with us. This is free and is very easy to do. Just go to to open the Paypal site and then follow instructions below.

1) Register at

2) Send money through Paypal to 

3) Notify MarvelBeads When You Have Paid

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