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Dear Beaders Friends,
Marvel Beads (002121859-V) is starting their very first baby step in online business! We are still learning and improving our service and quality so that we can provide the best to our customer. Our milestone for now is to give best reasonable price of our quality products to our beloved customer. We will try our best to only provide and sell best quality product as we know and understand quality is very important for you as Beaders! We are based in Malaysia and we serve customers in Malaysia and all over the world!

Why we choose to sell Miyuki for our Seed Beads? Since we are beaders ourselves (but we have very light experience compared to you!), so we understand Miyuki has the quality and it is affordable! Amongst TOHO (aka Apple Beads in Malaysia), Miyuki and MGB, Miyuki stands better than MGB, and of course TOHO might be the best manufacturer, but they are way too expensive! Maybe in the future we will try to bring Toho (aka Apple Beads in Malaysia) Seed Beads into our collection, so stay tune!
We will try our best to provide quality pictures for our products. We are trying to the max of our bone so that the color will be almost exactly the same as the actual beads!
Still worry and not confident enough to buy online beads as you cannot see the actual beads? No worries! We will provide sample card for you to have! The sample card contains color code and it comes with actual beads! The sad thing is, we'll need to put a price for the sample card as it is hand made by us. Hope you don't mind to pay a little bit of our sweat! The best thing is, you can take the sample beads to compare on your cloth too!
So dear all beaders, why waste your money on petrol, toll and parking to buy some beads while you can get it cheaper online?
Enjoy online shopping!
-Marvel Beads (Hasanah)-
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